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About Trybe

Community-based, serving youth and families

A community-based nonprofit rooted in East Oakland, Trybe strengthens families by focusing on youth and families.

Trybe’s youth centered mission focuses not just on serving young people, but serving their families. Reaching the whole family unit, the household is what will provide the stability and sustainability needed to transform communities. Typically, youth are not well because of their household situation. Conversely, youth can overcome many obstacles and injustices if they come from a strong household full of love. Thus, Trybe views work with youth from a wholistic point of view, a long-term view, where reaching youth reaches families, or the best way to reach families is through the youth. All parents/caregivers love their children and it is through our children that people often come together.

This wrap-around approach includes:

Programming in youth internships and mentorships, age 0-12 enrichment activities, food and basic need distributions, multicultural family events, sports teams, art and wellness programs, job readiness programs, and safety ambassadors, serving over 20,000 community members annually. Programming is managed and maintained by staff members rooted in the community they serve.


Mission & Vision


To break cycles of suffering and violence through the power of beloved community.


Trybe envisions a peaceful and vibrant East Oakland, one where families can create positive cycles of peace,  love, and belonging that will last generations.



We help rebuild relationships among neighbors, bring people out of isolation, and cultivate a community grounded in belonging. 


We give children and youth chances to see that they have a future—that they are our future. Through them, we ignite hope for families and reach the greater community.


Service brings people together. By depending on the skills, strengths, assets, and talents of East Oakland, the community grows and heals through opportunities to serve.


Our roots run deep in East Oakland. From block to block, we build and strengthen neighborhood relationships that are essential to radical change. 


By connecting people with basic resources including food, security, and peace, we create a safe space for folks to heal past wounds and transform hardship into growth. 

Ways to get involved

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