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Community Development


Ambassadors create a daily presence of safety in and around San Antonio Park through outreach and community building with Oakland residents. Multiple safety assessments are completed in San Antonio Park daily to address concerns including individuals who may be violent, hazardous waste, and broken facilities.

Violence Interrupters

Trybe’s Violence Interrupters (VIs) have intimate knowledge of group/gang dynamics through first hand experience, family and friends, growing up neighborhoods where such was present and by developing network of households in the community, all combined with professional experience from doing work in violence-impacted areas of Oakland. VIs have personal experience of either having been a part of group/gang dynamics, or with family and close friends who have or are a part, including how the prison system plays a role in the streets.  VI’s will use this knowledge and experience to connect with families and individuals in the community who have a history of committing violence and experiencing it.

Safety Action

Trybe is a co-founder of Friends of San Antonio Park (FoSAP), a community-led coalition with organizations including EBAYC, Eastside Arts Alliance and Collective, Lotus Bloom, and San Antonio Family Resource Center Parent Action Research Team. FoSAP regularly meets with community members to gather recommendations for safety concerns and facilitate conversations with city officials to discuss safety measures in the community. Priority concerns currently include human trafficking on East 15th Street and homeless encampments in San Antonio Park and on East 12th Street.

Micro/Social Enterprises

Trybe is currently developing several micro/social enterprises with food trucks. These food trucks will provide services to those without a kitchen, foster community relationships by gathering and breaking bread, and further engage those most in need of assistance. These social enterprises will provide 10-20 additional local living wages and meaningful jobs to violence-impacted Oaklanders. Quality healthy meals such as smoked whole chicken will be served in four different cultural meal options: Mexican/tacos, Mediterranean/wraps, Vietnamese/Lettuce Wraps, and American/BBQ style.
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