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Jobs and Internship

Job positions are limited, click on the link below to share your information for when a position becomes available.


This Residency is for adults returning back to the workforce or those looking to explore non-profit employment.


The Trybe Summer Residency is for a period of 6 weeks total at $20 /Hour for 15-30 hours a week,  from June 7th- July 11th 2022, for a total of 100 hours or $2000 maximum. 


The Trybe Summer Residents work directly with the community on various assigned tasks including outreach, beautification, maintenance, events, family summer camp, and other programming which run six weeks, from June 7th-July 11th. The goals of the program are to re-enter the workforce successfully, explore the non-profit/social work sector as a career, gain soft and hard skills, and earn wages to support themselves.  


Residents will be exposed to the non-profit world, community outreach, engagement, and development, and work with children and families. Residents will also support the Trybe Summer Camp Program which runs June 20-June 30. 


In addition, the Trybe Summer Residents will also help support other Trybe events such as Town Nights and Beloved. 



  • Residents will report to and work alongside the Ambassador Lead or Outreach Specialist to do various outreach and engagement tasks such as promoting events, door to door knocking, public space beautification, outreach to street corners and unhoused encampments.

  • Residents will practice soft skills: punctuality, attendance, communication, presentation/dress, code-switching, stress/time management, teamwork, decision making, problem solving, interpersonal skills, and conflict resolution/management. 

  • Residents will learn/practice hard skills: Chromebooks suite, presentations, database entry, desktop design, pallet-jack/forklift certification, events planning/management, food safety/preparation, and outreach/engagement techniques. 

  • Residents will tell their stories in various settings, in small and large gatherings, learning to the power of the individual story to unify, heal, learn, and grow.  

  • Residents will participate in group counseling, training, and team-building sessions with a LCSW and other trained professionals. 



  • Ready/available to work and serve the community's needs

  • Experience working with children, youth, and families

  • Positive communication and leadership skills

  • Ready and open team player

  • Ready to learn and grow, to be reliable and punctual 

  • Open to accountability and conflict resolution

  • Available the entire duration of the program

  • Applicants must be able to pass an FBI fingerprint background check


Email resume and cover letter (within the body of the email is okay) to


Trybe Inc. is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to you without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, age, veteran status, medical condition or disability, genetic information, gender identity, or any other protected status under federal, state, or local law.


​Youth Summer Internship

This internship is 6 weeks for up to 100 hours, from June 6th- July 15th, 2022. 


  • Now until May 31st: Apply

  • May 31st-June 3rd: Interviews

  • Week 1, June 7th-10th: Training, half day activities of training and team building. 

  • Week 2, June 14th-17th: Training, half day activities of training and team building, plus Town Night Friday event until 10p

  • Week 3, June 20th-24th: DayCamp! Full day totaling around 30 hours for the week

  • Week 4, June 27th-July 1st: DayCamp! Full day totaling around 30 hours for the week

  • Week 5, July 7th-9th: Camp breakdown and debrief, final Town Nights. Saturday clean-up and outing

  • Week 6, July 12th-16th: Optional week of social outings. 


Youth 16 and over with valid photo ID  and valid SSN/ITIN will be paid  $15.06 an hour for up to 100 hours. 

Youth under the age of 16 or who do not have a valid photo ID and SSN/ITIN will receive a stipend of $599 upon completion of the internship. 



  • To attend and participate in youth trainings. team building activities, and achieve educational/career goals. 

  • To assist with Trybe Summer Camp

  • Including the following:

  • Camp set up and break down each day

  • Supporting with camp activities such as sports, art, cooking, skits, music or other.

  • Assisting with children and youth who attend camp, helping them participate and have a positive social experience at camp. 

  • Be a part of a team 

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