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Food Mutual Aid

Mutual aid through food recovery and food sharing has an essential service since 2007. In 2020, Trybe began extensive food and mutual aid programming with the Covid-19 pandemic. "Post-Pandemic", Trybe continues to distribute over 1,000,000 pounds of food to Oakland communities annually, with 72 food distributions in 2022. Through food programming, and partnerships with the Alameda County Community Food Bank and MEANS, Trybe creates long-term food security, while we work together to reform systems.

Text or Call (510) 467-0298 for Assistance! 

Please fill out the form below to request a pick-up of food and supplies or view the calendar for upcoming distribution events!

Deliveries are only done in emergency situations. The following households are prioritized for deliveries as we have limited supplies and drivers:

Covid-19 positive or medically vulnerable households


Households without transportation who cannot take public transportation or walk.

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